Tooth Bonding

Complete Tooth Bonding in Danville, VA

Do you want to give your teeth a makeover? If so, then tooth bonding is perfect for you! Tooth bonding is one of the most popular cosmetic services in dentistry to transform your smile.

Tooth bonding is a type of tooth restoration procedure in which tooth-colored resin is bonded to a chipped or cracked tooth using ultraviolet light. Unlike veneers or crowns, tooth bonding is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to restore a chipped or cracked tooth. Dental bonding makes a good option for those looking for small cosmetic improvements to their teeth. While veneer and crowns require two or more seatings to accomplish the cosmetic goals, dental bonding can be done in one dental office visit. The procedure for dental bonding doesn’t require more removal of tooth enamel. However, composite bonding is less resistant to stain and transient. Composite bonding requires small cosmetic remodifications rather than major dental restorations.

Tooth bonding can help you with chipped or broken tooth

What are the issues that can be solved with Dental Bonding?

A tooth bonding will help you resolve the following cosmetic dental issues:

Chipped Teeth : For chipped teeth, our dentist uses composite resin and places it in the chipped area. Tooth bonding will help you transform your chipped smile into a confident pearly white smile.

Discolored Teeth : Dental bonding can be used to camouflage visible teeth discoloration that can be hard to remove even with teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth Gaps : If you are tired of the gaps between your teeth, tooth bonding can help! Our dentist will apply composite resin between the teeth gaps to conceal the gapped space.

Changing Tooth Shape and Size : If some of your teeth are smaller or shorter than the rest, we can even them out using tooth bonding.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

At Perfect Smile, we offer you comprehensive cosmetic dental bonding, and here are some of the benefits:

* Dental bonding is a quick dental treatment that offers you high-quality results.
* Cosmetic dental bonding as an alternative dental treatment to porcelain veneers, accomplished in one session.

* Composite resin is used in dental bonding to match the color of your teeth. Natural pearly white smile? Check!
* Tooth bonding helps hide minor chips, cracks, stain, and teeth discoloration.

Candidate for Dental Bonding

You may be an ideal candidate for cosmetic dental bonding:

* If you want a cost-effective alternative dental treatment to porcelain veneers

* If you want to have a temporary dental cosmetic treatment

* If you want to try a smile makeover before planning for porcelain veneers

get cosmetic dental bonding

Dental Bonding Process

The tooth bonding process starts with applying an etching solution to the respective bonding teeth. The solution will help form a rough surface on the tooth, creating a strong bond between the tooth and resin.

Once the surface is rough, our dentists will apply a thin coating of composite resin on the surface. The composite resin hardens and starts to seal using ultraviolet light. Once each layer hardens, we continue adding more layers until it reaches the desired level.

After the tooth hardens, our dentists start sculpting and shaping the tooth. The tooth bonding process also involves using a color that matches the natural color of your tooth giving you a bright smile.

Once the tooth is shaped and checked for occlusion, the dental bonding is polished for a natural-looking smile.

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