Most of us know to schedule an annual physical with our doctor or an eye exam with an optometrist. But what about dental visits? Is visiting your Danville, VA dentist once each year enough, or should you go more often? The team at Perfect Smiles Dental compiled their recommendations for you and your family.

When to Schedule Dental Visits for Children

If you have children, we recommend following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists’ guidelines. Plan a visit to your dentist after your child’s first tooth appears or by age 1. You'll learn how to care for your children's baby teeth and teach them how to brush as they get older. Your dentist will let you know how often to schedule checkups based on your child's needs. Most dentists encourage parents to schedule visits every six months to monitor your child's dental health and prevent any problems.

When to Visit a Dentist as an Adult

The frequency of visiting a dentist as an adult will reflect your dental condition, overall health, and insurance coverage. As with your children, your dentist will suggest a schedule of visits after reviewing your situation and needs. Those who are healthy with good dental practices may have a checkup once or twice annually, getting full benefits by following insurance guidelines. If, however, you are prone to tartar buildup on your teeth or struggle with cavities, we may suggest teeth cleaning and checkups more often.

Other circumstances that could require more frequent dental checks include:

  • pregnancy, since hormones can contribute to gingivitis, an inflammation of gums
  • smoking, because tobacco increases your risk of oral cancer and periodontitis, a gum disease
  • cancer treatment which has side effects like mouth infections and dryness
  • diabetes which increases your risk of fungal and gum diseases
  • heart disease, since maintaining dental health can reduce your risk of strokes or heart attacks
  • HIV because this auto-immune disease affects your ability to fight infections and tooth decay.

When to Call for Additional Dental Treatment

While regular checkups are essential for preventing dental problems and treating issues your dental team discovers, call for an appointment if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • you have any pain in a tooth or your gums that gets worse
  • you notice your gums have become inflamed (red), seem swollen, and bleed
  • you develop an abrasion or sore in your mouth that won’t heal
  • you have a tooth or teeth become sensitive to cold or hot foods and beverages
  • one of your earlier dental restorative treatments, like an implant, crown or dentures becomes troublesome
  • a filling falls out of one of your teeth
  • your mouth stays dry without relief
  • you notice a clicking noise or have pain when you move your jaw

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