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Emergency Dentistry

Having a traumatic, sudden injury to your teeth or gums can cause some serious consequences on your appearance, comfort, and dental health. Acting quickly and receiving emergency dental care can help restore your smile, reduce your pain and anxiety, and help you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room. The emergency dentist at Perfect Smiles Dental can help you resolve any dental emergency, often on the same day!

Emergency dentist in Danville, VA
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Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

Dental situations, such as extreme pain or infection, swelling, bleeding gums, or injuries to the teeth or gums, require prompt action and attention. These dental emergencies should usually be tended to within 24 to 48 hours. One of the most common reasons to call for urgent dental care is toothaches.

With the help of a visual examination and digital x-ray, our emergency dentist will determine the exact cause of your toothaches. Our emergency dentist can also create a personalized treatment plan to help relieve toothache and restore your smile to full form and function.

For the best aftercare, we suggest that you schedule a follow up appointment with us, even after your toothache has subsided.

Why is it Important to Visit an Emergency Dental Clinic near you?

Whether it happens to be you or a loved one, a broken tooth, severe damage to your gums, or severe dental pain - all are identified as dental emergencies that require urgent dental care. Dental concerns can also leave you more vulnerable to a dental infection and more damage, resulting in high treatment costs, more trips to the dentist, and longer recovery times.

If you are suffering from any of the above concerns and require emergency dental care, contact an emergency dentist at Perfect Smiles Dental as soon as possible by calling (434) 799-0120. Our experienced emergency dentist uses the most advanced tools, scanners, and software to turn your dental issue back into a healthy and beautiful smile.

Sudden or Severe Toothache

Sudden or Severe Toothache

Sudden or severe toothache always signals a need for an urgent visit to the emergency dentist. Some of the most common causes of dental pain are tooth decay, a bacterial infection that can spread through several parts of the tooth, and sometimes even into the gum tissue. Often, toothache indicates that you may need root canal treatment.

Fractured or Broken Tooth

Minor chips and cracks can be tended to pretty easily, but if you have a broken or fractured tooth, there are higher chances of you experiencing something much more than a severe toothache. Sometimes the damage may go beyond the exterior of the tooth and will need the services of Emergency dental care urgently.

Loose Tooth or Filling

Often, a filling or tooth comes loose while eating. Once the tooth or filling is out of the mouth, the affected area may be extremely sensitive to temperature changes and pressure. One of the most common causes of dental issues is decaying. The decay can cause shape changes in the teeth, which means that the tooth no longer fits. If you experience any of the two scenarios, contact our emergency dentistry office as soon as possible.

Painful or Inflamed Gums

Injuries and infections involving gums may also require the attention of Emergency dental care. The tissues of the gums, tongue, or cheek lining can be damaged by accidental bites, falls, and sports injuries. Such damages can develop painful and potentially serious abscesses, more specifically a periodontal abscess. A periodontal abscess is a pus-filled sac caused by a bacterial infection. Abscesses require an immediate trip to the Emergency Dentistry office.

Dislodged or Knocked-out Tooth

If a tooth has been dislodged or knocked clean out of the mouth, it is essential to see a dentist immediately. When a tooth comes out of the mouth, tissues, nerves, and blood vessels become extremely damaged. If placed back into its socket within an hour, there is a high chance that the tissues will grow to support the tooth once again.

Infected or Abscessed Tooth

Tooth abscesses are considered dental emergencies. If you delay the treatment, it has the potential to lead to an even more serious medical case. Abscesses can prove to be pretty painful, as this condition is spurred by a bacterial infection within the center portion of the tooth.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth or Crown

The most common traumatic dental injuries are chipped and cracked teeth. This injury is difficult to assess since the tooth may look intact but hurt under pressure or feel sensitive when you drink something hot or cold. We determine the actual cause of the problem and even offer tooth crowning.

Broken or Damaged Dentures

Dentures can break or become damaged for several reasons, including being dropped on hard surfaces or normal wear and tear. Partial dentures can get damaged if you bite down to fit them into place. Do not try to hand fix it, instead, call an Emergency Dentist in Danville, VA as soon as possible.

Exceptional Emergency Dental Care

If you need emergency dental care due to unbearable tooth pain, have confidence that you are using a trusted emergency dentist who can resolve your dental issues as soon as possible. We take walk-ins as well as telephone appointments and are available at least 5 days a week. Perfect Smiles Dental is a trusted resource for helping patients with dental emergencies. We have several years of experience with helping patients get urgent and immediate dental care in Danville and the surrounding areas.

To schedule an emergency or non-urgent dental appointment, call (434) 799-0120.

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